A man who needs no introduction, a man who cries gravy, a man whose middle name begins with the 27th letter of the alphabet. More feared in the streets of Grimsby than an Italian waiter riding a donkey smoking a joint. He knows no rules and will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, even if he has to defy gravity and fly to Fiji with a broken 4th toe. His/Her name can only be described as sacred, it is chapster.

- Urban Dictionary, a source we trust to know these things

It stands to reason then that a chapsterhood must be a group of them, or the neighbourhood where they live. Or, like, an order or a cult. Whichever way, the name works for us.

This website is the main publishing hub of a small group of individuals with nothing better to do than to prod at the limits of possibility. We live on the Internet, where we write, research, make art, code and build things. Occasionally, something works the way it's supposed to.

We are what Renaissance men would have been if they had tried to be funny and way less successful.

More about the website's tech & principles in our Day Zero post.


The Ferridge

Fruit of the forbidden love between a ferret and a refrigerator, The Ferridge is the main writer at the Chapsterhood, where he puts together articles, essays, scripts and the occasional piece of fiction. He also makes animations, designs strange things, does general pixelsmithing and occasionally fucks everything up. Currently he is gravitating around Europe, poking around creative projects and ingenious tech with keen interest.

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Tuxedo Woolf

Who would have thought that dressing a random wolf up in a tuxedo could turn it into a walking, talking, creatively active and, most of all, classy anti-social creature that uses all of its free time to program? The self-proclaimed 'Tuxedo Woolf' has developed a passion for developing games in undeveloped countries, as well as building websites and creating apps. Sometimes, he pours his artistic side into poems, songs, or cynical and sarcastic posts on this website.

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