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Speck. Splinter. Smithereen. (Two)

Just as uranium emits radiation as it decays, so does my radioactive brain discharge ideas all over the place. Welcome to the second part of my experiment, Speck. Splinter. Smithereen.


It's strange how wide the gap is between how scientists see science, as a common good belonging to all, and how scientific publishers know science to be: a common good to be enclosed, plundered, packaged and resold to scientists or those who support them or like them.

There are people out there who preach that all we need to do is be decent with one another, as if they've never met a human in their life.

Since the successful are made successful by the powerful, not by what they make, I will strive to be unsuccessful.

Sometimes all you have to do is decide to.

When they say they're making the world a better place, they seldom seem to specify for whom.

It is unwise to bet against human creativity. It might be even more dangerous to underestimate human narrow-mindedness. Where that leaves us...


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