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Life of Alex: A Text Adventure About Being Late

Life of Alex is a game we created over 5 days for Jam de Casa, a game jam raising funds for PPE equipment, to be donated to doctors who are on the frontline in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

It is about our friend Alex, whom we never believe when he says he'll be there in 5 minutes. We love the crap out of him, but he never is, and never has been. His estimate is usually brashly, optimistically off by about 45-90 minutes. This has led us to wonder how life is through his eyes, and imagine the obstacles he has to overcome to reach our meet-ups. We believe they may include, but not be limited to, strange neighbours, hot pursuits and revolutions. We may never truly know.

In our little text adventure, you get to experience his life, as your choices and possibilities branch ahead to a total of ten possible endings (in one of them, he even makes it on time! A lot of tiny cogs across the multiverse have to turn into position for this to happen, but it is possible!).

Life of Alex was created by:
Design & Writing - The Ferridge
Programming & Additional Art - Tuxedo Woolf
Music & Living Inspiration - Alex 'dJordash' Iordache (you can find more of his stuff on his YouTube channel, 2nd YT channel, Spotify)

The Ferridge

Wry writer and profligate pixelsmith

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